Швабра-спрей и запасная микрофибра

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  • 2 microfiber cloths, 1 mop head, 1 mop handle will be sent in the package. The product will be sent in parts in the box.

    The handle height of the mop: 124 cm; The microfiber head is 14 cm wide and 39 cm long.

    It is a practical, compact, bucket-free, practical product that is easy to assemble and carry. Thanks to its microfiber texture, it easily removes difficult dirt. Provides effective cleaning. You can use the microfiber mop on all surfaces such as parquet, tile, marble without scratching.
    It is used by filling the water tank with detergent or normal water. Do not fill the tank with hot water. The chamber has a capacity of 350 ml. By pulling the trigger on the handle , you can spray the water in the chamber towards the area you will clean.
    After cleaning, you can easily wash the microfiber mop in the machine or by hand.

  • зависимости от удаленности адреса доставки до маркипии, грузовая компания доставит ваш заказ в течение от одного до пятнадцати дней.
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