About Us

Everything started with a dream first. Then we realized that dream with a purpose and vision. With our creative design team, we have adopted a style of clothing for everyone and offered stylish alternatives so that they can look and feel as good as they want.

Markapia.com launched in November 2019. Our birthplace is Istanbul and we have customers from 140 countries. We make our broadcasts in Turkish, Arabic, English and Russian in 4 languages. We send thousands of cargoes every day to 5 continents of the world. Every month, we reach 500 thousand visitors from all over the world through app, mobile, desktop and marketplace platforms. We speak their language, recognize their needs, and know their preferences. Currently, the number of brands we sell is 50, and our product range is 10 thousand. We have a young and agile human resource with an average age of 25 from different nationalities and cultures. We have sales in all parts of the world and business partnerships with 50 different marketplaces. This intense and dedicated work has brought us appreciation beyond the trust and love our customers have for us.

Today, as the leading international online shopping site and e-export company of our country, we are proud of bringing Turkey's power in ready-made clothing to the world. We continue to grow with the love, trust and close attention of our customers; While we are growing, we protect our start-up spirit.

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